Gabrielle Dutra

Gabrielle L Dutra
Gabrielle was born in the winter of 1994 on December 7th in a small town of California, she grew up with a single mother and five other siblings, she has many hobbies, reading anything from news articles to romance novels written by her favorite author, Julie Garwood. she also writes poetry from time to time when the mood strikes her, every once in awhile she draws and paints. She also enjoys physical activities such as kickboxing, swimming, soccer, tennis, badminton and a bit of softball. She draws inspiration from many places, one place is her active and wild imagination which is where she the Idea for her first novel, Heaven & Hell Sisters. 

Another place that gives her inspiration is music, tv and movies, sometimes watching an old favorite movie sparks a new idea in your mind. Her guilty pleasure is listening to Mortis Media- Scary True Stories told in the snow, that and sweets. She loves pizza and animals cats are her favorite dogs are a close second but cats are number one. She has many ideas for future novels, for now though she's working on the second installment in the H&H Sisters trilogy. In closing, she loves cold weather snowy and stormy days in particular she hopes her future fans love and read her work just as much as she enjoyed writing it.
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